Who we are

Established on 20th December 2007, ADAM SA was founded to promote scientific know-how and innovations in medical technology for cancer therapy.

ADAM SA, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, aims to be a world’s leading centre of excellence for research, engineering and industrialization of linear accelerators and detectors for medical applications.

ADAM SA employs high-profile experts and specialists in physics and engineering and numbers important collaborations with hospitals, research centres and other world leading companies.

ADAM is funded by London-based Advanced Oncotherapy plc

ADAM Research objectives

ADAM research activity is mainly focused on the construction and testing of linear accelerators (linacs) for medical purposes.

ADAM has designed, built and tested the first unit of a linear accelerator for proton therapy and a small accelerator for IORT.

An ancillary product engineered by the company is also a dosimeter, for real-time monitoring of the exact dose delivered to the patient during a radiotherapy treatment.